Crafted solid wood

Versatility, flexibility and precision

We consider ourselves a service provider in the wood processing industry. Due to our versatile technical capabilities, our employees know-how, and our experience over many years, we provide wood products tailor-made to your needs. Whether a one-off or a production run, we are ready. We can also provide customer production for private industry as required. Send us a sketch of your idea via email and send us an obligation free enquiry via our Contact Form. We are looking forward to being of assistance!

Gang-drilling machines

Using this conveyor machine for higher volumes, we are able to complete various process steps: face and vertical drilling, dowelling and also sawing.

CNC machining

The latest technology enables production start directly from a 3D CAD programme: With our 4.5 axis CNC machining centres multiple processes such as drilling, milling, etc can be carried out, even from thin strips to large sized panels.

Profiling and planing

Our plane machines are state of the art technology, extremely versatile and high performance - as supplier to the furniture industry we have almost all the bases covered. Tool speeds up to 12,000 rpm for mass production with legendary surface finish and machines with up to 9 spindles enable the most varied applications.

UV Paint

We paint the solid timber strips and wood based materials with UV layer paint in your desired colour. After painting, the product is able to be stacked and processed further.

Film cutting

We cut our paper and plastic laminate to fixed widths. Cutting on-site enables absolute flexibility.

Panel cutting

Wood based materials such as e. g. laminated wood, MDF, chip board, and also plastics are optimally cut in the desired formats.


We are offering 360 degree jackets by using paper and plastic decor. Base materials like solid wood, multiply and wooden products are deployed. Our infrastructure enables us to work with different types of adhesive.

Profile Grinding

Our portfolio offers up to 14 different kind of grinding units. Your own detail profiles can be customized by using special sanding pads.

Surface grinder

Plate formats could be provided in best quality for lacquer and veneer sanding.


Impressions out of the area varnishing.

Pre-cut solid wood

Transverse and length pre-cuts are done via a cut list. Advantage: Best effort cut with minimum waste.

Warehousing for customers


With more than 7,500 m² of storage space, we can also take over the warehousing of your products for you. Feel free to contact us!